Elemental Norfolk

I wrote this poem a number of years ago, after we started spending a couple of weeks over the turn of the year in England. It was one of my first published works. Earth Lane and common, heath and ploughed ground Lie frozen underfoot. The lands Decline to the sea: downland and saltmarsh Diked and … More Elemental Norfolk

Solstice Sacrifice

The woods were quiet, the first full day of winter. The occasional chickadee, mourning doves flying over. A grey day, no sun, and only the red of berries and dogwood stems to alleviate the greys and brown of wood and field. And then another splash of red: blood, on the snow beside the path. I … More Solstice Sacrifice

Winter Encounter

I woke today with a strong need to be out-of-doors, after yesterday’s freezing rain and snow kept me in. I wanted fields and trees, not concrete and houses. By 8:30 I was at the Arboretum. The temperature hovered just around freezing: just above, because trees dripped water and the snow was slush in most places. … More Winter Encounter